LED mesh transparent curtains

We install LED fishnet transparent curtains on buildings outer façades, any size and any area, use a video processor and controller to reflect high brightness HD movies, ads, products and commodities where everyone on streets can remotely view HD magic, yet visibility inside-out building/streets remains observable.

Glass LED transparent screens

Transparent LED panels for internal use, can be installed on Glass façades internally keeping a transparent image inside/out, using a video processor and controller to reflect HD ultra-brightness movies, products and ads viewable by outdoor onlookers.

Rear view HD glass screen

We treat any glass façade internally with a special water-base product, use a high lumen projector with a media player and reflect movies, ads, products and commodities, where all cars and pedestrians can view externally in colorful motion.


Curved LED screens

The high bright top pixel LED screens in curved panels, for round façades, ballroom columns and Airports duty-free shops, exposing HD bright LED moving images, with attractive colorful ads and product display.



Transparent LED Glass  Display Catalogue

LED glass screenmanual.pdf

Transparent LED Mesh  Curtain Catalogue

Led Mesh Curtains Catalogue.pdf

Bluebeams Liquid Paint and LED Floor and Other Products

 Product catalog bluebeams led curtain-1.pdf

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